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About Valley Forge Military Academy

We are continually focused on developing personal strength and confidence in every cadet. We are dedicated to individual academic achievement now, and for our leaders of the future.

Developing the Whole Person

Since our founding in 1928, we have a long tradition of developing young men of character. Our philosophy is built on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership. 

We are able to achieve this rich, transformative character formation through our integrated military and academic community. Within the context of this structured community, cadets forge life-long friendships through shared experience and hold each other accountable to the values and traditions of the Academy. Our faculty serve as mentors as much as teachers, imparting wisdom and guidance alongside a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. All aspects of student life work together to develop our cadets into young men ready to face challenges ahead.


To develop individuals to be fully prepared for the responsibilities of being citizen leaders.
We produce graduates who are strong in mind, body, and soul.


To develop the whole person within an integrated academic and military environment. Our tightly structured and supervised Cadet-led community helps to inculcate a deep enduring commitment to be responsible and informed citizenship in a democratic society.


To be a shining beacon, calling young people from around the world to achieve their full intellectual, physical, moral, and leadership potential.